Resilience of the global financial system is of crucial importance for serving the financing needs of the real economy; it helps to stimulate growth and employment by mitigating busts and financial crises.

To this end, this Task Force will review what has been aspired and achieved over the past decade with respect to greater financial resilience. As a result of its work, the task force will identify incomplete projects and possibly blind spots, suggesting priorities for political action.

The Task Force “Financial Resilience” is co-chaired by:


Jan Pieter Krahnen

Institute: Research Center SAFE Research Center “Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe” and Goethe University Frankfurt

Function: Director, Professor

Country: Germany

Research: interaction of banks and markets, addressing interbank markets, securities trading and loan securitization and syndication, Central Counterparties (CCPs)

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Fabrizio Saccomanni

Institute: IAI (Institute of International Affairs)

Function: Vice President

Country: Italy

Research: International political economy

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